What can we do for Existing Healthcare Industry?


Research-and-developmentService to Offer:


Product development is our core competency We have a formulation development lab, Analytical development lab and stability chambers to cater formulation needs during Formulation development.
We will do the literature search, patent landscaping and strategy development. Based on the formula and process optimization studies using DOE concept, final composition and manufacturing process we can recommended the lead formulation for bio-study and scale-up.
The lead formulation will be optimized for a smooth scale up/ Pilot BE batches and process robustness & reproducibility in commercial batches.


Formulation development Scope


- Development of Para IV, ANDA, SNDA, Early to develop formulations for human beings and animals
- Process Validation/Critical Process Optimization
- Preformulation studies
- Life Cycle Extension/ Brand Extension
- Solubilization /Bio availability Enhancement
- Fluid Bed Processing Technology & Application
- Neutraceuticals
- Herbal Cosmetic preparations for reg. Market
- Lyophilization/Parenteral dosage form development
- Eye care preparations Committed for a healthy survival


Collaborative Project High End Research Project


Industry Academic Collaboration funded by DST
In collaboration with a medium scale healthcare industry we can develop new products and processes in niche areas like Ayurceuticals and herbaceuticals
Anticancer drugs – Source: Natural like Plant seeds, isolation, enhancement of the active constituent , formulation and clinical trials and finally registration and commercialization.