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What we offer


Formulation development any dosage form, from any source of Medicine like Synthetic, Herbal, Neutraceuticals, Cosmetic preparations
- Any market –US/EU/Canada/Australia, ROW, India
- Partial development to trigger the product registration process of ANDAs
- Development by DOE and QBD
- Product registration
- Trouble shooting
- Training
- Project management
- Regulatory Query solving

Strength of Beginners


More than one and half decade of experience in formulation development for Regulated market like US/EU
- We decide the speed to reach the market
- Possess a total understanding of product development and life cycle management for any market
- We have very well understands the relation between the development and time lines for exhibit batches
- Never failed in delivering the product on time.
- We are innovative, determined, Honest
- We deliver what we say



- Product Registration for regulated market and ROW countries including India
- Product development consultation, both on job and online
- Training programe for DOE, QBD
- Formulation R&D and scale up facility- audit and compliances
- Project management services
- Technical deal finalization
- Gap analysis of sites and transfer project for smooth commercial of process.


We are Expertised in dosage form development of pharmaceuticals in
1: Solid Orals
2: Liquid Orals
3: Parenteral preparations
4: Other sterile preparations
5:Dermal Preparations


We are Expertise in dosage form development of Plant products i.e Ayurceutical in,
1: Solid Orals
2: Liquid Orals
3: Parenteral preparations
4: Other sterile preparations
5:Dermal Preparations
6: Lyophilized plant extracts- Dried free flowing plant products
7: Spray dried plant products

Our service ranges from development of health care products to health care industries.
Product development will be done by qualified and experienced scientists having indepth knowledge knowledge on formulation development.
As the developed products undergoes transition from FR&D to Productio, the technology transfer will be assured by us for meeting the development batch specification.
We will be providing the analytical method validation by align with the business partnors.
From time to time sudden changes in development priorities or budgets may result in staff overload.
Abbess can temorarily expand your laboratory capabilities to ensure your goals are met


The timeline of formulation development and progress will be strictly monitored by project management team.